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Rail Freight Car Leasing

We run a rail freight car leasing business in North America and Brazil as part of our efforts for overseas business expansion.

North America

We contributed to the capital of Modern Rail Capital LLC (headquarters: Chicago, US; “MRC”), a rail freight car leasing company wholly owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., in March 2015.
Currently, the capital is composed of our company (100%, indirect).
The railway network in North America is the longest in the world and railroad transport accounts for a high percentage of freight transport. Accompanied by the growth of the US economy, the railroad transport volume is expected to grow.
Under such circumstances, MRC owns approximately 9,000 cars and runs a rail freight car operating lease business for transporting various types of cargo, including energy-related cargo (shale oil, liquefied natural gas and coal), chemical-related cargo (plastic pellets and petrochemical products), grain, paper and pulp, sand and cement, steel, wood material and containers. We plan to further expand our business size.

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In July 2017, we started the business by accepting the transfer of 50% of the shares of each specific purpose company (six companies), which run a rail freight car lease business with approximately 3,000 cars for the subsidiaries of the major grain company, Cargill, and the subsidiaries of the major iron company, Vale, and others under the umbrella of Mitsui Rail Capital Participações Ltda. (headquarters: São Paulo, Brazil), a rail freight car leasing company in Brazil wholly owned by Mitsui & Co., Ltd. We will aim to increase the number of owned cars in the future.
Although trucks are the main means of cargo transport in Brazil, railroad transport also plays a central role, particularly for iron ore and agricultural products. Further growth is anticipated for rail freight transport to improve efficiency and reduce the environmental load.

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