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Finance Lease


  • 1 This is a transaction where a lease company purchases a property on behalf of a customer and leases that property to the customer for a certain period of time.
  • 2 Ownership of the property is not transferred to the customer after the expiration of the contract.
  • 3 Cancellation of the contract in the middle of the lease period is not allowed in principle.
  • 4 During the lease period, almost all of the ancillary expenses must be paid, including the acquisition value of the property, interest related to acquisition of the property, movable comprehensive insurance cost and fixed asset tax.
  • 5 Costs required for maintenance and management of the leased property are the responsibility of the customer.

Mechanism of Finance Leases


POINT 1 Reduction of financial burden at introduction of equipment
Because not a lot of capital is required when introducing equipment, the customer can remain economically affluent. In addition, the financing effect is 100%.
POINT 2 Effective operation of your funds (diversification of financial arrangements)
Because a lot of financial outflow can be prevented, it is possible to use your own funds and debts from other capital investments as operating capital.
POINT 3 Streamlining of asset maintenance-related clerical work and reduction of paperwork
Because we take care of the fixed asset tax filing and payment, damage insurance and other procedures, it is possible to streamline and reduce paperwork.
POINT 4 Leveling of costs (accurate understanding of costs)
Because the monthly lease expense is fixed, it is easier to understand the costs that will be incurred in the future.
POINT 5 Avoidance of obsolescence risks for machines and equipment
For a property with accelerated technical development of computers and communication devices, setting a shorter lease period than the durability can reduce the obsolescence risks of assets.
POINT 6 Appropriate compliance with environment-related laws and regulations
Because a lease company disposes of a lease property according to the Waste Management and Public Cleansing Act, the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act and other laws, it is possible to appropriately handle the property in compliance with the environment-related laws and regulations.
POINT 7 Streamlining of balance sheet
If you are a small- or mid-sized company, lease processing is available. Even if you are a listed company, lease processing is available if the lease contract is less important when considering the business description of the company and the total lease amount per property is 3 million yen or less.

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