Our Environmental Efforts

We contribute to the global environment through our corporate activities.

Environmental Policy

JA Mitsui Leasing Group provides solutions (human, things, money, and knowledge) from the viewpoint of total optimization and builds a circulating business model through asset lifecycle from the entry to exit of things to contribute to the development of business activities and a sustainable society, performing earth-conscious business activities.

1. Compliance with laws
Our Group will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and other requirements to which our Group agrees, implementing the requested social responsibilities to corporations with high ethical standards.
2. Environmental load reduction through business activities
We strive to reduce loads related to the global environment by expanding the handling of environmentally-friendly devices and services.
3. Contribution to the realization of a circulating society
We will actively contribute to the realization of a circulating society through the effective use of resources in the leasing and rental businesses, such as reuse of equipment whose contract has terminated and measures for promoting equipment rental.
4. Promotion of resource and energy-saving activities
Each of our employees recognizes the environmental loads from our business activities and promotes resource and energy saving through full participation in our business improvement activities to create a workplace in harmony with the environment.
5. Efforts for continual improvement
By setting environmental goals and reviewing them on a regular basis, we will seek the continual improvement of our environmental management system and strive to prevent environmental pollution.

Keito Shimbu
President & CEO

Environmental Activities

Leasing of Environmentally-friendly Equipment

We support the penetration of environmentally-friendly equipment through leasing.
For example, equipment with a substantial, durable lifespan that enjoys economic effects for a long time, such as a gas cogeneration system, is suitable for long-term finance through leasing. We have accepted contracts for such equipment from many customers.

Buying and selling of used machines

Our Group buys idle assets from customers via our affiliated company, JA Mitsui Lease Asset, Ltd., and sells them to secondhand goods dealers and customers following a certain amount of repair and maintenance. We are promoting the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) by utilizing our accumulated knowledge from the leasing business.

Recycling and selling of used PCs

JA Mitsui Lease Asset, Ltd. is also promoting the recycling and selling of used PCs whose lease period has expired.
These PCs are collected at the associated facility, M-tech CENTER. After deleting the stored data using dedicated software, JA Mitsui Lease Asset, Ltd. directly sells the PCs to customers or specialized secondhand goods dealers for recycling. In addition, the company even reuses the PCs with difficult to delete data as well as damaged PCs for parts or materials whenever possible, aiming to realize zero waste.