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JA Mitsui Leasing is a general leasing company combining the core business foundation of the JA Group and Mitsui Group, with a production, distribution, and sales network, a financial network, and a global business network for agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

We have worked together with our clients to create new value by providing timely solutions that focus on products, business, and finance, leveraging our expertise based on our extensive knowledge and experience in a range of industries and products.

The recent impact of COVID-19 has rapidly elevated the importance of the role played by companies in solving increasingly complex social issues, and the need for them to play their part. In particular, the pandemic has highlighted the need for an accelerated response to the transformation of business structures, digitization, and the circular economy.

We believe it is our mission to provide our customers with services and solutions that are appropriate for their needs--all the more crucial in this era of major changes in social and industrial structures. Based on this conviction, JA Mitsui Leasing Group is striving to make proposals that go beyond existing financial frameworks by actively working to expand its business domain through alliances across different business sectors, from a DX (Digital Transformation) perspective, as well as further strengthening its expertise and expanding its networks.

The JA Mitsui Leasing Group will continue to work with all employees to realize a thriving society with a view to achieving the business envisioned by our customers by connecting our customers and networks within and outside the Group, based on the Group's management philosophy of "Real Challenge, Real Change."

I hope you will continue to look forward to the Challenge and Change embraced by the JA Mitsui Leasing Group.

Keito Shimbu
President & CEO
JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd.