Business Field

We support a wide range of industries, through new ideas combined with our wealth of expertise.


Powerful support for the evolution of agricultural management
Industry-leading turnover from agricultural leasing

As well as underpinning our food, agriculture is a sector in which our unique qualities come into their own. In addition to financing for agricultural equipment, we provide new services and solutions designed to improve productivity and profitability for agricultural producers. A prime example is Noki Share Lease®, a scheme that enables multiple producers to share access to agricultural machines such as large combine harvesters. The aim is also to develop products in line with feedback from actual users.

Environment and Energy

Wide-ranging nationwide support for the growing sustainable energy industry
Taking on the challenge of creating a better society and future

Here at JA Mitsui Leasing, we continue to take on the challenge of contributing to a sustainable industrial society in the environment and energy sector. In addition to financing for the sustainable energy industry, we also invest via dedicated funds. We provide support for companies generating power from a range of energy sources, including solar, biomass, geothermal and wind power. We get involved in businesses ourselves too, so that we can actively contribute to a diverse energy industry in line with the characteristics of each region.

Healthcare and Medical Malls

Helping to provide local communities with better healthcare services
Operating a nationwide range of unique medical malls, each with facilities for 229 clinics

Our unique network with doctors and the medical industry is one of our strengths here at JA Mitsui Leasing. In the healthcare and medical malls sector, we make the most of that to offer support services for aspiring doctors looking to open their own clinics, and to plan, develop and operate “medical malls,” which are unique facilities that bring together clinics specializing in different areas of treatment. We also offer financing for CT, MRI and other types of diagnostic imaging equipment, via fee-based leasing.

Real Estate

Harnessing expertise from our financing business
Focusing on developing new real estate and vibrant urban development

We have built up expertise and our own network in the real estate sector, through building leases that provide support in areas such as off-balance sheet assets and funding. Our extensive track record includes the likes of commercial facilities and hotels, as well as healthcare and distribution facilities. We make the most of that wide-ranging expertise to identify uses for land from a business owner’s point of view, and have also expanded into real estate development, including construction and attracting tenants. Our aim is to contribute to the development of more vibrant communities.


Providing added-value finance solutions
Focusing on creating new food and agricultural business

We provide a wide range of support in the distribution sector, including in-store equipment for the likes of supermarkets and convenience stores, as well as warehousing, amusement equipment and vending machines. In fact, we specialize in solutions for companies that manage large numbers of properties, as in the vending machine industry for instance. In the future, we are planning to focus on new ventures in the food and agriculture business, based on business matching between agricultural producers, food manufacturers and distribution companies.


Providing financial solutions to ICT related industries and businesses with rapid technological innovations Continuous contribution to oncoming growth sectors,
such as next-generation telecommunications,
loT, Al/Robotics, etc.

We provide expeditious and flexible financing for technologically advanced equipment, e.g. telecommunication base stations and data center equipment, in order to maintain our client's facility at its leading-edge. Recognizing the strategic importance of ICT industry, we continue to offer syndicated financing of next-generation ICT facilities, financial solutions in alliance with IT vendors and investing in venture businesses for loT, Al and robotics field. Further, we are rolling out our operations globally, particularly in Asia and North America.


A proven track record handling large-scale syndication projects
Expanding globally from bases in Japan, Taiwan and Silicon Valley in the US

In the semiconductor sector, we have handled numerous large-scale syndication projects, both in Japan and overseas, through management partnerships with semiconductor manufacturing companies. We also provide a wide range of products and services alongside our equipment expertise and finance services, in conjunction with a major used semiconductor manufacturing equipment supplier in the US. We are expanding our support services to cater to the semiconductor industry worldwide, revolving around bases in Japan, Taiwan and Silicon Valley in the US.

Shipping, Rail Freight and Aircraft

Shipping finance backed up by a wealth of expertise
Starting to roll out rail freight and aircraft businesses globally

Building on our long history and a wealth of expertise in the shipping finance sector, we continue to expand operations overseas via our subsidiary in Singapore. In the rail freight sector, we have a stake in a freight vehicle leasing company in North America. In the aircraft sector meanwhile, we offer a wide range of finance and other financial solutions for fuselages and engines.
*Mitsui Rail Capital, LLC: Freight vehicle leasing company headquartered in Chicago (USA)


Stepping up expansion into the ASEAN region in the construction machinery sector
Increasing cooperation with Mitsui Group companies

We provide tailored services in the machinery sector throughout Japan. Making the most of our network with the likes of manufacturers and trading companies, we gauge the value of machine tools and industrial machinery, and provide finance for manufacturing companies. In terms of construction machinery meanwhile, we are stepping up expansion into Indonesia, Singapore and other parts of the ASEAN region. We are working on new initiatives that combine our financial capabilities with the technical prowess and network of the Mitsui Group.


Providing finance services for a wide range of capital investments
Focusing on expected technological advances such as automated driving

In the automotive sector, we provide auto manufacturers, parts manufacturers, automotive sales companies and maintenance companies, both in Japan and overseas, with finance and asset management services for a wide range of capital investments. We are also focusing on expected growth in this sector in the future, in areas such as IoT technology for the automotive industry, automated driving, fuel cell vehicles, and electric vehicles.
We operate our auto finance business in both Japan and Indonesia.