Social Contribution and Cultural Activities

As a responsible corporate citizen, JA Mitsui Leasing Group focuses on social contribution and cultural activities aiming to realize an affluent society.

The Pink Ribbon Campaign

One in 11 people are said to be affected by breast cancer, and over 14,000 people died of breast cancer in 2016. We support not only the promotion of mammograms by leasing medical devices, but also the Japan Pink-Ribbon of Smile and Happiness campaign by J.POSH, which conducts educational activities about breast cancer, including the dissemination of accurate information and the promotion of early mammograms.
J.POSH is an organization that was certified as Japan’s first NPO organization which conducts educational activities about breast cancer in March 2003.
J.POSH URL: http://www.j-posh.com

Donation Activities to the Japan Guide Dog Association

There are approximately 310,000 people with visual impairment in Japan, while there are only 941 guide dogs, which is very inadequate.* We are conducting support activities for the Japan Guide Dog Association, including the donation of PCs and desks whose lease period has expired.
In addition, as a social contribution activity through the Tokyo SANEIKAI, which consists of Mitsui & Co., Ltd.’s affiliated companies, we are performing donation activities to promote the independence and social participation of people with visual impairment through trainings for guide dogs and so on.
*As of the end of March 2018
Japan Guide Dog Association URL: http://www.moudouken.net/
Tokyo SANEIKAI URL: http://www.san-eikai.or.jp/

Mitsui Bunko

Mitsui Bunko is a non-profit research institute that consists of a museum, which stores, exhibits, investigates, and researches historical papers on socio-economic history (main building at Nakano-ku, Tokyo), and Mitsui Memorial Museum, which stores, exhibits, investigates, and researches objects of art (Chuo-ku, Tokyo).
The stored objects of art are examples of Japan’s top, precious heritage collected throughout the history of the Mitsui family, which has been around for 300 years, since Edo period. We actively exhibit these objects and conduct cultural activities to provide opportunities for many people to experience the true nature of culture and beauty. We support the operation of Mitsui Bunko as a sponsoring company.
Mitsui Bunko URL: http://www.mitsui-bunko.or.jp/
Mitsui Memorial Museum URL: http://www.mitsui-museum.jp/

The MITSUI Public Relations Committee

The MITSUI Public Relations Committee was established in 1972, under the operating concept of a formation of Mitsui Group companies, and through a wide range of cultural and public relations activities, it makes a contribution to international exchange and the revitalization of regional cultural activities. At the same time, it seeks to further enhance the public image of the Mitsui Group, which contributes to ensuring the prosperity of the global community and welfare worldwide. Currently, 24 companies make up the committee, including us.
As an example of its wide-ranging activities, the committee provides the MITSUI Golden Glove Award, which was established as an official third party award for baseball players in the two professional baseball leagues of Japan. The top nine fielders who achieved excellent performance during the season are chosen from both leagues. This allows fielders, players who are not normally in the spotlight, to gain recognition, and is a source of inspiration for children who dream of becoming professional baseball players. The committee also provides the MITSUI Golden Glove Baseball Course for children’s baseball coaches to help them to create an environment where children, who will inherit the future, can enjoy playing baseball.
The MITSUI Public Relations Committee URL: http://www.mitsuipr.com/