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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment-Related Services

In the field of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, we strongly support semiconductor manufacturers in a variety of ways, from setting up new lines to increasing, expanding and streamlining equipment from the perspectives of finance as well as buying and selling used equipment.


POINT 1 Extensive experience with large-scale financial structuring
We have structured many large-scale financial projects for customers in Japan and overseas, boasting one of the most best records in the semiconductor manufacturing equipment leasing business.
We also quickly respond to customer needs and propose the optimal financial scheme, including operating lease, from a wealth of options.
POINT 2 Buying and selling used semiconductor manufacturing equipment
In the semiconductor manufacturing field, whose environment is changing dramatically, we buy and sell semiconductor manufacturing equipment by utilizing our expertise and know-how accumulated over many years of experience. We cover many regions, including not only Asian countries such as Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and China, but also European countries.
POINT 3 Support for buying and selling used semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Using the worldwide network of AG Semiconductor Services, LLC ("AGSS"), which we have capitalized and formed a partnership with, we support customers on buying and selling used semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

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