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Issuer JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd.
Rating Agency Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd. (JCR) Rating and Investment Information, Inc.( R&I)
Date December 22.2022  *1 September 5.2022 *1

<Issuer Rating>
Rating: A+
Outlook: Stable

<Shelf Registration> *2
Preliminary Rating: A+
Maximum: Y200 billion
Valid: two years effective from August 22, 2021

<Issuer Rating>
Rating: A
Outlook: Stable

<Shelf Registration> *2
Preliminary Rating: A
Issue Amount: Y200 billion
Issue Period: From Aug 22, 2021 to Aug 21, 2023


<Commercial Paper>
Rating: J-1
Maximum: Y600 billion

<Commercial Paper>
Rating: a-1
Issue Limit: Y600 billion

  • *1 The publication date of the annual review results is stated for the date.
  • *2 If a bond is actually issued, the rating is given after confirming the issue terms each time.