Corporate History

2008/4 JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd. established as a joint holding company of Kyodo Leasing Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Leasing & Development, Ltd.
Taipei Branch opened
2008/10 JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd., Kyodo Leasing Co., Ltd., and Mitsui Leasing & Development, Ltd. merged
Name of new company: JA Mitsui Leasing, Ltd.
2009/7 Head Office relocated to Higashigotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo
2009/10 Capital stock increased to 32 billion yen
2010/1 Real estate leasing business split to JA Mitsui Leasing Tatemono Co., Ltd.
2011/2 JA Mitsui Leasing Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore
2011/3 PT. JA Mitsui Leasing Indonesia established in Indonesia
2013/4 Invested in Obayashi Property Management Co., Ltd. (now JAML Mall management Co.,Ltd.)
2014/12 Invested in AG Semiconductor Services, LLC (AGSS), a supplier of second-handed electronics manufacturing equipment in the United States
2015/3 Invested in Mitsui Rail Capital, LLC, a provider of railcar leasing services in North America
2015/3 JAML USA Holdings,Inc. (now JA Mitsui Leasing USA Holdings,Inc.) and JAML MRC Holding,Inc.established in the United States
2016/1 Head Office relocated to Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
2016/10 The Silicon Valley Branch of JA Mitsui Leasing Capital Corporation, a local subsidiary in the United States, opened as a business base of the semiconductor business
2017/7 Invested in a SPC under Mitsui Rail Capital Participações Ltda., a global railcar leasing company in Brazil
2018/4 Trade name of Nishi-Nippon Sogo Lease Co., Ltd. changed to JA Mitsui Leasing Kyushu, Ltd.
2019/10 Invested in First Financial Corporate Services, Inc., in California, U.S.A.
2021/6 Invested in Japan Packaging Machinery Lease Co.,Ltd.
2021/10 JAML Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. started business in Malaysia
Kyodo Leasing Co., Ltd. Mitsui Leasing & Development, Ltd.
1971 Mitsui Leasing & Development, Ltd.established
Kyodo Leasing Co., Ltd.established 1972
Doeisha Co., Ltd. (now Kyodo Lifecare Co.) established 1978
1982 New York Office (now JA Mitsui Leasing Capital Corporation) opened
1987 Mitsui Lease Kanzai Co., Ltd. (now JA Mitsui Lease Asset, Ltd.) established
1992 PT. Mitsui Leasing Capital Indonesia established in Indonesia
2002 Invested in Nishi-Nippon Sogo Lease Co., Ltd.(now JA Mitsui Leasing Kyushu, Ltd.)
2004 Invested in Kinki Osaka Lease Co. Ltd.(now Kinki Sogo Leasing Co., Ltd.)
Kyodo Auto Leasing Co., Ltd.(now JA Mitsui Leasing Auto, Ltd.)established 2005
2006 Additional investment in Michinoku Leasing Co. Ltd.
2007 Invested in Chuo Mitsui Leasing Co., Ltd. (now Mitsui Cm Leasing Ltd.) (Integrated with the company in April 2013)